Sean M Kelly - Music to Inspire upift and relax
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Dare to Dream Evening
Inspirational Music &
Nourishment for your Dreams

with Sean M Kelly BSc
Musician/Inspirational Speaker
(more about Sean)

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A time to:

  • Be Still, Listen & Dream
  • Explore what you Love
  • Create Vision & take guided Action

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If you want to make your dreams come true, the first thing you have to do is wake up.
~J.M. Power

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Ph: 087 2494954

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Facilitated by:

Sean M Kelly
Inspirational Speaker Musician & Entrepreneur

As well as manifesting his own dreams, Sean has been delivering Dare to Dream events since 1996, sharing insights and practical ways for people to manifest their most fulfilling dreams. Sean has performed in many countries around the world and his album Dare to Dream continues to inspire people worldwide.

Sean has performed on stage with Sir Bob Geldof, Anthony Robbins, Neale Donald Walshe, Dr Doreen Virture, the American Ambassador, James Twyman, BLISS and on the Jerry Ryan radio show in Ireland.

When are the next 2008 meetings?

Wed 12 Mar - How to help your child learn

Thurs 17 April - tbc
Wed 14 May - tbc
Tues 10 June - tbc

These dates are subject to change so please check back to confirm

What topics will be covered in future evenings?

  • How to create a Great Purpose
  • Unleash Your Creativity
  • Taking Guided action
  • Serving the Greater Good
  • Abundance & Prosperity
  • Meditating for Manifesting

Inspirational BLOG

Be Inspired

Imagine ...

... every month being inspired to take a step in the direction of your dreams,

... every month hearing the inspirational stories from
Extra-Ordinary people who already follow their dreams,

... every month networking with inspirational people who support and encourage you to follow your dreams,

Come along to our next workshop and let 2008 be the year your most fulfilling dreams come true!

What will it cover?

  • Dare to Dream intro
  • Guest Speaker
  • Choose your next step in manifesting your dreams
  • Mix & Mingle - networking opportunity
  • Monthly topic presented by Sean M Kelly
  • Forthcoming events & opportunities

When is the next workshop?

Thurs 20 Mar 7.15pm registration for 7.30 start, finishes at 9.30

What is the topic for next workshop?

Dare to Dream

Where is it?

The Marine Hotel, Sutton, Dublin


SPECIAL OFFER: First 10 people to register 33



    - ph 087 2494954 for details
    - ph 087 2494954 for details
  • By CREDIT CARD via PayPal

Previous Guest Speakers

In 2003, an Australian Theresa Garton won three gold medals at the Special Olympics. Some months later Theresa asked Eamonn Geragthy could he make her dream come true - to bring her whole family to Ireland for a holiday. On February 12th Eamonn told his inspirational story of how that dream came true. For more information see:

Januarys guest speaker was successful author Mary Bond who gave a very inspirational talk about how she made her writing dream come true. Mary has written a number of books including All Things Perfect & Absolutely Love.


    - ph 087 2494954 for details
    - ph 087 2494954 for details
  • By CREDIT CARD via PayPal


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Ph: 087 2494954 (intl code 353)