Sean M Kelly - Music to Inspire upift and relax
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a unique inspirational 12 week online course to show you how to Live Your Dream

Live Your Dream is a unique and inspirational workshop which not only helps you Live Your Dream but also teaches you universal laws of manifestation and attraction on how to do so. From the moment the course begins you will connect to a level of consciousness where magic and miracles occur. Each week you will receive an email lesson and suggested steps on how to pursue your dream. The lessons will consist of text, video links and other helpful information. As well as that you will be able to connect with a growing online community who are doing the same and can help and inspire you.

Register today for just 110 thats less than 10 per week
(other currencies - $150 and £75)

When does it begin? The next course begins Tuesday 29th Jan 2008 and will continue for 12 weeks.

Early Bird Offer - Register before December 15th for the early bird price of 110. The price will be going up after that.

Is it for you? If you'd like to explore your talents and dreams and be supported in nourishing and sharing them with others, then Live Your Dream is for you.

Who's facilitating the course: Sean M Kelly B.Sc. Dip (Appl.Sc) Mast NLP, musician and inspirational speaker. For more information on Sean see

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Register today for just 110 thats less than 10 per week
(other currencies - $150 and £75)

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Ph: (353) 87 2494954

Mail: 26 Delgany Glen, Delgany,
Co. Wicklow, Ireland