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About Seán M. Kelly B.Sc. Dip (Appl.Sc.) Mast NLP
Musician/Writer/Inspirational Speaker

"There will always be dreams grander or humbler than your own, but there will never be a dream exactly like your own... for you are unique and more wondrous than you know!" Linda Staten

Sean M. Kelly B.Sc. Dip (Appl.Sc) Mast NLP

Born in 1964 and raised in Dublin, Ireland Sean learnt music and singing from an early age. After qualifying with an honours Science degree in Physics and Mathematics from Trinity College, Dublin, Sean pursued a career in IT.

In 1995 he founded Mind Matters to m-power businesses and individuals to use more of their minds potentials. In 1997 Sean himself was ranked in the top ten in the world in the Tony Buzan world memory championships and is currently ranked 153rd (circa 2007). Sean still delivers empowering and inspirational training and coaching. Some of his clients have included - the Irish Management Institute, Microsoft, Siemens, Irish Life, Bank of Ireland, Allied Irish Bank, British Telecom and Fidelity Investments.

It is often said that everything we experience in life offers us a lesson to help us realise the truth about ourselves. In 1999 Sean's Father John J. Kelly passed away from cancer and this was the catalyst for Sean to decide that he must honour and develop other talents a lot more.

In 2000 Sean began to offer to play music for different events including weddings, funerals and other significant occasions. What was totally great about this was that it blew the old myth that you can get paid for doing what you love. Sean also joined pipe bands, learnt Barbershop singing, currently sings in two choirs and is studying classical guitar with the Bill Brady school of Guitar in Dublin.

Dare to Dream, Sean debut album was released on 3rd December 2005 and has already achieved worldwide sales of over 800 albums!

Sean has performed music in a number of countries around the world including Ireland, the UK, Spain, Bosnia Hertzogovnia, Crotia, Italy, the US, Peru, Israel, South Korea and others.

Here's what one lady had to say after listening to the Dare to Dream album:

It's an awesome production!  Your musical talent and personal charisma have combined to bring a wonderful message to the world! Beth

Listen to sample tracks off the CD.

Sean has now performed to a variety of audiences and with a number of different people including:  
  • At Peace concerts with James Twyman in Dublin, the UK and Israel
  • On stage with Tony Robbins at Life Mastery in Hawaii
  • Sung "Let it Be" at a Doreen Virtue workshop and received a standing ovation
  • Piped the Chieftain of the Mc Cauley Clan in to the opening of the Life Foundation conference in Scotland
  • Played for the US Ambassador to Ireland and other dignatories to unveil a memorial for September 11
  • Sang at a Peace Conference in Seuol, South Korea to a gathering of politicians and representatives from numerous religions
  • Piped at Ground Zero, New York
  • Piped at Machu Pichu and the top of Wynu Pichu
  • Sang at a Neale Donald Walsche event in Dublin
  • Played at loads of weddings and funerals
  • Most especially played to help inspire Children about peace

Sean lives in Ireland with his wonderful wife and four children.

Piping at Inspire Scotland event 2006

Piping for Children for Peace in N.Ireland 2006

Peace Concert Dublin 2002

World Peace Day 2003

Assisi Italy 2001

Spontaneous Gig Assisi, Italy 2001

Wynu Pichu Peru 2002

Ground Zero, Apr 2002

Jerusalem pipies for Peace 2003